EAP at IH Brisbane – ALS

IH Brisbane – ALS wants your stay in Australia to be one you will remember all your life. Our friendly staff and teachers will help you achieve your goals, whether for further study in Australia or simply to learn English.


English for Academic Purposes

This course is specially designed to help you succeed in an academic environment in Australia. You will learn the vocabulary and language skills associated with the further study in Australia, such as understanding lectures, taking notes, giving presentations and producing reports, as well the importance of referencing, how to paraphrase and avoid plagiarism.

At the end of an EAP course, you will:

  • Have improved your overall English level
  • Be better prepared to further study in Australia
  • Have a better knowledge of English grammar, and how to use it
  • Have a good understanding of formal and academic English, with a focus on writing.


If you are serious about further study in Australia, this is the course for you.

Course level B2 or C1
Course length 6 or 12 weeks
Course start See enrolment form

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